Friday, October 15, 2010

Journey of a thousand pounds

For years I have yoyo'd with my weight. I must have lost (and gained back) a thousand pounds. Many times I would exercise feverishly to drop weight and increase control over my body. Sometimes I did this with much enthusiasm and visible results. Many times I did so begrudgingly and ashamed of how I "let myself go". Most every time, I tried to lose weight by taking extreme measures with food: popcorn and tea diet, no fats allowed diet, low carb diet, no carb diet, starvation and exercise diet, health food diet, fruit, veggie and fish only diet. I paid for special foods, joined dieting clubs and exercise facilities to assist me in my quest. I suffered it alone in my basement with exercise tapes and pictures of slender women pasted around the house for motivation. Can anyone relate?

In June of this year (2010), I started to look at the whole thing as a learning experience that I can share with you. My goal is to raise your hopes and inspire you on a journey toward whole self fitness (body, mind and spirit) and a healthy relationship with your body.

I have embarked on a journey to lose the excess weight for good. Join me as I learn and struggle; fall down and get back up again until at last we can celebrate together the culmination of my hard work and education. I hope you will join me in a quest of your own!

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